Join the most passionate
blockchain team in Serbia

Come and code the future with us.

What makes Decenter special

We care deeply about the world-changing potential of decentralized technologies and every member of our team is driven by this passion. At the same time, we also value our team members’ happiness greatly, so flexible hours, free lunch, unlimited holidays, gear of your choice and a stress-free environment are all part of our company culture. We are looking for people with extraordinary talent and dedication, people with the same passion and respect for the decentralization movement and principles.

All of the openings below are for full-time positions in our office in the heart of Belgrade, Serbia.

Work on Ethereum and Solidity development

We’re looking for talented and skilled developers who want to dive (deeper) into blockchain development. You would be joining our young and extremely ambitious team on developing exciting new blockchain applications which have the potential to disrupt entire industries.

Are you ready to take on writing Solidity smart contracts, producing secure and resilient code, and co-working with product owners and UI developers? Can you keep up with Ethereum and other decentralized tech development and contribute to decision making, project planning and problem-solving with the rest of the team?

You would need to have experience in developing highly secure and resilient code, as well as working with agile development methodologies. And let’s not forget outstanding teamwork and communication skills, together with proficient knowledge of the English language.

Things like great knowledge of the blockchain technology and Ethereum, experience in developing Ethereum smart contracts or DApps, experience in writing Web3, React/Redux/Vue and JavaScript are all nice bonuses. Even better is a passion that coincides with ours and a hacker mindset that stands against centralization and giving more control to the largest tech companies.

If you think we’re a match, send us a cover letter together with your previous work to jobs