We use bleeding edge technologies to improve the world

About Us

Decenter is a group of young and talented developers that are passionate about all things decentralized. We are currently functioning as a self-funded startup based in the heart of Belgrade, Serbia.

Our Mission

We see a lot of problems with the way our digital society is currently organized. As millennials, we remember the way Internet was before the era of corporate centers of power that control everything we see and do online. And we recognize potential in emerging technologies such as blockchain and P2P storage to bring part of that old Internet back, but on a much more sophisticated level.

Our Vision

We envision a world where people are in complete control of their digital identities and data. A world where bots don't scan our emails in order to serve better target ads and gigantic corporations don't control every aspect of our social lives online. Digital society based on rules and protocols enforced by decentralized algorithms that create a fair and sustainable system which benefits everyone and is controlled by no one.

Our Team

Mateja Trifunovski

Software Engineer

Nikola Vuković

Software Engineer

Nenad Palinkašević

Software Engineer

Nikola Klipa

Software Engineer

Nebojša Urošević

Software Engineer

Aleksa Stanković

Software Engineer

Nikola Mađarević

Software Engineer Intern

Vukašin Stančević


Miloš Milić


Nevena Janković

Office Manager

Andrej Čvoro

Founder & CEO

Latest Projects


Etherships is a 1v1 peer-to-peer game based on the classic guessing game Battleships that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and uses state channels to minimize its number of interactions with the blockchain.


Runner-up on Colony's hackathon, OpenKompany provides a platform for making management of all assets raised by a company completely open.


A fully decentralized game combining concepts taken both from idle and collectible games.

Nectar Community

Website for Ethfinex Nectar statistics, token redemption, proposal submission and voting. Made for Ethfinex.


Chrome browser extension that aims to bring the power of Ethereum blockchain to various social websites such as reddit.

Melon Mail

Secure, end-to-end encrypted, fully decentralized mailing service built on top of Ethereum and IPFS. Made in collaboration with Melonport.

Smart Hackathon

Ethereum-based DApp that handles every aspect of a typical hackathon competition - from registrations of teams and sponsors to voting and prize payout.

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