Ethereum Smart Contract Auditing

Security and code integrity of your Ethereum smart contract are the foundation of your project.

An independent smart contract audit is a recommended method to discover and resolve any issues before the contract is deployed to the main network. In order to have your smart contract audited, simply click the button below and provide us with basic information about your project.

Our Approach

Our experienced Ethereum developers will provide you with an in-depth analysis of every aspect of a smart contract, including security testing, business logic review and gas usage optimization, all done through meticulous manual code review based on the latest best practices in the blockchain industry.

The audit can also include the review of smart contract owner's power and overall legitimacy, making sure that no backdoors are included and the code is in line with the principles of blockchain development.

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Our Process

1. Request a Quote

Describe the basic outline of your project and request a smart contract audit quote. We'll get back to you with a proposal promptly.

2. Data collection

We collect all the necessary data about your project and smart contract, and agree on the scope of work and time estimate.

3. Auditing starts

Our expert auditors dive into your code as soon as everything is agreed upon. All issues found along the way are extensively documented.

4. Audit delivery

We deliver the report containing all discovered smart contract issues, ranked by severity, together with suggested solutions.

5. Follow up

We provide additional support to your team to make sure all necessary fixes and updates are implemented and your smart contract is secure and well optimized.

Previous audits

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Our smart contract auditing services are trusted by industry leaders. You can find the experiences of some of them below.

What does the final report look like?

Upon completion of the audit process you’ll receive an exhaustive report detailing all smart contract issues that have been discovered. Each of the problems will also be ranked by severity and include a description of the possible consequences, as well as a suggested solution.

Our reports are delivered as PDFs, well formatted and cleanly designed. We always strive to make these reports of the highest quality possible, meaning you will be able to use them for publications or sharing with your users.

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