Ethereum Smart Contract Auditing

Our experienced Ethereum developers are able to provide a deep analysis of every aspect of a smart contract. Based on our agreement with the client, we can focus on security analysis, gas usage optimisation or general best practices (or all three of these).

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Our Process

1. Request a Quote

You describe your needs and we get back to you with our proposal (or additional questions)

2. Agree on terms

We agree on the scope of work, time estimate and the total cost

3. Audit process

Our audit experts dive into your code, documenting all encountered issues along the way

4. Report Delivery

We deliver the final report containing all discovered issues along with suggested solutions

5. Follow up

We remain at your service in case you need additional clarifications or tips

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What does the final report look like?

Upon completion of the audit process you’ll receive a meticulous report outlining all issues that have been discovered, along with their severity (high/medium/minor), possible consequences and suggested solutions. We always strive to make this report of the highest possible quality, which means that you’ll be able to use it for publications or share it with your users.

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